partidarios puntiagudos

Charmin is our tiktok-famous African Crested Porcupine. Her sweet and sassy attitude is a crowd pleaser.

Moo is an african pygmy hedgehog. She curls into a spikey ball when she feels shy. Luckily, she's too curious to feel shy for long. Moo loves hair and soft sweaters.

Sabandijas simpáticas

Vermicelli is our baby kenyan sand boa. She loves climbing, burrowing, and escaping her cage

titus and his family are Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. we are confident (slightly) that they will change your view on roaches!

Terry is our curly hair tarantula. she loves hiding under her leaf and being misted with water

cute and cuddly

Willard is our Black Tailed prairie dog. HE thinks he's big and tough, but everyone knows he becomes a ham the instant you give a tummy scratch.

tortilla is our Collared Peccary. He loves dog treats, back scratches, and being called a stinker. He doesn't love being called a pig.

Blossom is our Mountain coatimundi. She has two bad habits. She sucks thumbs and steals phones. She will surely bring laughter to your event.

Feathered friend

Meet aurora, she is our beautiful eclectus parrot. she was neglected in her previous home. Since she came to live with us, she has gained confidence and an insatiable love for attention!